Thursday, December 2, 2010

hA hA -- Blogging is Lame

Or maybe I am just lame. I go through these stages in my work/personal life where certain things become impossible to do. It could be calling back a certain annoying client or fixing the switch for the trash compactor (which I will say is a story in itself but a word of warning at 2661 main st. the trash compactor has its own breaker and even if all the lights in the house are out it is still powered and can shock the heck out of you). So I guess for some reason writing a blog became my evil nemisis as Red Skull is to __________ (Rich should know this). So I believe it has been 3 months since my last post so I will recap a few milestones.

-Dean 4 months
-Dean 5 months
-Dean 6 months
-Katie 30
-Giants won the World Series

I have been pretty busy of late. Work is rockin and Dean is still needing to be watched. So at the moment I go to work at 4:30 (anti meridian) and pick up Dean around 3 from whomever is watching the little one (usually Ron (THANKS!)). One day a week he gets dropped off at work with me around 10 and I get to watch him while working. This has become quite a task and as much as I love the little bugger (and everyone loves the pictures of him) I am looking forward to the day this does not happen. People do crack-up when they come to taste me on wines and I have a little one in tow in the baby bjorn. But trying to talk on the phone, answer an employee's question, send and email, all while fixing a bottle and changing a diaper of a crying baby can increase the stress level by a notch or two.

I have hundreds of pictures at home but I am at work so my next blog will include a bunch.

Hopefully I will overcome my nemisis blogspot like ______ did Soloman Grundy (Rich?).

Love you All.
CCW the 2nd

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dean Michael

So..... It has been a while. I am sorry but I haven't found the time. Lame excuse but I don't have any other.

I am so in love with my little boy, it is truly amazing how much love you can feel for such a little sack of potatoes. It helps me get a little glimpse of what mom and dad feel towards all of us. Everything revolves around him and I don't even care. But enough of the mushy talk, let me update you a little on dmizzle.

3 Months old +-
16 pounds +-
Drooling like crazy
Crying every time he gets in the car
Almost out of 6 month clothes
Just started eating red meat

Ok so that's my short boring blog for the moment but I am in the car driving to Cape Cod so give me a break. I will post again soon.
Love you all!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Baby Dean

I apologize for not posting for a while but things got a little crazy here at the Wagner house. Here is the recap/rundown/ESPN highlight of the birthing process.

Sunday 9am: Go to hospital for some mesoprostil (sic) to help ripen the cervix (made me think of a pear in the fruit basket)

Monday 9am: Still in the hospital even though the doctor assured us the week before that the ripening of the cervix would not induce labor (what do doctors know anyway).

By this time Katie has had an estimated 180 contractions and she was at 3cm's. At this rate she would be ready to push around 11am on June 1st. This would not work as Dad consulted the doctor that it was imperative that the baby be born on the 31st.

Monday 8pm: 5cm's yippee. Half-way. Wait. Half-way and we have been in the hospitaly for 36 hours. Dad again and this time firmly reminds the doctor that the due date must be the 31st.

Monday 9:45pm: We are rushed to the operating room as Dad stands by tapping his watch (just joking with you dad). I have to sit outside the O.R. for Katie to be prepped as my family peeks in the windows like I was a sideshow (just joking, love you family)

10:14pm May 31st: Dean Michael Wagner exits the belly and enters into the world. All is well.
Dr. Henry finished the last staples pulls off his gloves all in one motion while yelling done. The nurse stops the stopwatch and reads out the time. Dr. Henry mutters something like 14 seconds faster and I would've beat Dr. Wagner's time. All is well.

So I am proud to announce that I am the new owner of a beautiful baby boy. Dean Michael (or as some call him D-Money) Wagner.

My next post will be a tear jerker as I love this little crying, wetting, screaming, pooping baby more than anything in the world and have to share a little of what i'm feeling right now. Until we post again.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Back to back posts as I am watching the Giants (11th inning at the moment)

Katie is officially pregnant. I mean, she was before but I think now she really feels it.

She is due in 2 weeks and we are really excited.

I'm really curious whether it is a boy or girl.

I'm a little nervous for the whole labor thing but pretty sure I can handle it.

Katie has been amazing throughout the entire pregnancy.


Good year.

Just looking at my GPS watch for some running totals and I thought I would pass some along.

Since October:

2 marathons
18- 13+ mile runs
666.34 total miles
Average 7:51 miles
Burned 89,000 calories
Average Heart Rate 168
Total Running Time: 88 hours

I'm moving back to biking and am curious to see how much I can log.

Probably not as much with the baby coming soon (2 weeks!!!)


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Soft Serve Baby Update

So I had a request from my beautiful 38 week pregnant wife to go get a ice cream sundae. I jumped at the opportunity because I knew I could get one of my favorite indulgences. Yes, that's right, a McDonald's soft serve. I love these non-ice cream, high fructose, fake vanilla, creamy and delicious $1.00 treat.

The reason I love these so much is back in Martinez we lived around the corner from a McDonalds. Every week we would beg mom and dad to take us to get a soft serve. Luckily for them (and most definitely planned) they were only 39 cents at the time. Oh the good old days.

So here is the rundown on the baby stuff:

1. Baby is due in a few weeks

2. Our last baby birthing class is after the baby is due

3. Hopefully that doesn't cause a problem

4. Katie is feeling great (still working)

5. Cory is excited

6. It's a BOY!!

7. This is a view from the hospital

8. It's a GIRL!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


So it was just over 19 years ago when my only brother was brought into the world. I was playing on the playground at West Park when I heard the news. Since then he has never been anything but an amazing, caring and loving brother.

He said in his latest post "Sometimes I wish I had been an older sibling because I feel like I have missed out on all the good times"

Well I was an older sibling and sometimes I wish I had been closer in age to you little bro. By the time you were in Jamacia (on of your first family memories) I was almost 18 and out of the house. Even with the age difference I know how much you love me and I hope you know that I love you with all my heart. I'm so proud of you and all you have accomplished in your life already. I know the next 2 years will be an amazing and life changing experience for you.

I promise to write and I just might make a guest appearance at Fort Worth Spanish Speaking ward. I even will listen to a discussion but only in Spanish :-).


Friday, April 23, 2010

Anniversary and Golf Fun Day

So Katie and I have now been married for 4 years!!

The last 4 years have been filled with joy and excitement and also pain and sorrow. A lot has happened in our little world but one thing has stayed the same; our undying, neverending, pure love..........

of the Giants. Oh wait...

I mean undying, neverending pure love for each other.


Ok, enough of this sappy crap.

Yesterday we had an amazing 3 generations playing golf together. Dad, Zach, Grandpa and I.
A few of the highlights in order of awesomeness.

1. Watching Grandpa chase the ducks (and I don't mean some little half trot chase, he was full on running).

2. Getting to hang out with everyone especially Z-Wag since he is leaving soon :-(

3. Zach and I straight whipping Grandpa and Dad

4. Dad trying to hit the ball like Billy Madison

5. Enjoying a beautiful morning in the Napa Valley

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pound Puppy

A few weeks ago we were going through Katie's old stuffed animals and ended up donating almost all of them. I did end up keeping one of them though. It brought back a lot of memories of our times on 310 Greenway drive (372-7271).

I don't know if Britti remembers this. I forget what birthday it was. What I do remember is Ashley and I saved and worked for weeks on end to buy Britti a pound puppy stuffed animal that she had been wanting.

Mom and Dad weren't exactly the moneybags they are now, :-) as dad was still or just finishing his residency and with 4 kids, I'm sure money was more than tight. But they knew how much Ashley and I wanted to get this present for Britti so they found a way to buy it. I'm sure it was way overpriced and they could have bought a $1 non-brand name stuffed dog at the local thrift store, but they didn't and I thank them for that.

I remember the day we brought it home in its nice fancy cardboard package and how excited we were to wrap it up and give it to Brittani. The look on her face when she got it is still in my head and I hope by bringing this great memory up it can bring a little smile to the whole Wagner family. Although she had hundreds of stuffed animals in her hayday this one always was my favorite.

It's funny how the little things can stick with you and I hope to make memories like this in the near future for my children.


Friday, April 2, 2010

Kung Fu Panda & Baby

I bet you didn't know that a baby kicks while they are in utero.

Well this little known fact has become apparent to me over the last few weeks as our little bundle of joy (well this really is yet to be determined if it is a bundle of joy) has been karate chopping and judo kicking Katie's ribs. It can be unnerving sometimes when your wife's belly looks like an alien is crawling around trying to find a way out.
But i digress (I just wanted to write that, don't really know what i'm going to say next).

Another reason for this post is to celebrate the start of baseball season. The Giants will be better than last year and well I hope they can make the playoffs. As long as they finish with a better record than the dodgers I will be happy. When all the baby planning was going on I made sure the schedule the birth during baseball season. That way I can watch baseball all day long during my maternity leave.

So after my blogging break......

I'm back with a furry insane like Jim Carey (say it like curry) dropping beats like Dre but 15 years ago in his hayday. Baby in 9 weeks, Devyn used to have chubby cheeks, eating more than I should, drinking on my porch in the hood, selling wine for a job but marrying rymes on my blog.



Tuesday, March 30, 2010

9 More Weeks

Wow. How time flies. I promise I will write more this week!!!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

11 weeks left

We are at 29 weeks and counting for the little Wagner. I'm so so very very excited. I am honestly not nervous, just ready to meet the little one. Katie is doing great and working like crazy (she even pulled weeds all day today). I know she is going to be an amazing mother.

An interesting thing happened to me yesterday. Check out the Play by Play:

1. Parked at wine collectors house to inspect cellar.
2. Get out of car, walk to front door.
3. See dog. Lean over to pet dog.
4. Dog tries to eat hand but reactions are quick. Hand Saved..
5. Dog goes after leg. Leg reaction not as fast. Dog attaches to thigh.
6. Owner runs outside and pulls dog off leg.
7 Forced to look at wound with owner and wife (Find myself with pants around ankle's in living room of never met before wine collector.
8. Decide that a doctore would be more qualified in this matter.
9. Go downstairs and look at cellar to make sure storage conditions are right.
10. Cellar is 52 degrees with high humidity, all is well.
11. Go to doctors.

So it was a rather exciting day. The owner of the dog (a German Shepard) is a extremely weathly person and I am positive he is freaked out that I am going to sue him.

Well I'm not going to, but I would like a new pair of pants.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Marathon Do-Over

So... A few days have passed since my debacle of a marathon. I was so upset at my results I didn't want to even get out of bed, but alas I had to. In my head I pictured a Bruce Jenner-esque performance but it really was more like Gail Devers.

I'm not posting this so that everyone can comment on how great it was that I finished. If you feel the need to do that.. Don't. I could have run a 3:56 marathon without even training so it was a big disappointment.

Here is the great thing about life though and why I'm posting at all on this subject:

You always can try again. Life is all about do-over's.

So if there is anything in your life you want to try.. Go for it.

So maybe you fail. It sucks but what if you succeed. That is even better.

Enough of my rambling already!!!! 6 more weeks until my next marathon.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Telluride (aka The Mitch Morgan)

<--- A view from the house

So last weekend I was "working" in Telluride Colorado staying at a 12,000 square foot house (think twice the size and Mom and Dad's). Needless to say it was a horrible experience. We snowboarded, ate, drank, sang songs, told stories and celebrated a good friend and clients 30th birthday.

You might think that this sounds like fun but it really was just awful. Almost every waking minute was spent thinking of reasons to call my sweet wife and see how she was doing. In fact I missed her so much I called her at 1am just to see how she was sleeping (she really appreciated that).

Living Room of House

I am glad to be back now in the comfort of my own home (1/10 the size). It was such a pain trying to remember to cover the hot tub, turn off the sauna, figure out how to use the movie theatre, take off my snowboard before going back inside the house, pick a song out of 200,000 selections, trying to remember how to get to the kitchen, having to call your driver when you wanted to go somewhere, etc, etc, etc.

Oh yeah and this is a picture of a drink I had at a fine dining establishment in TRide. It is called the Mitch Morgan. It consists of a bacon fat dipped, water filled shot glass with a side of bacon. I had everything ready to bring over for Mom's Birthday yesterday but realized at the last second that I didn't have any bacon! oh well.

<--- Colorado isn't known for its clean water as you can see by this picture.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lost and Found

So I left my basketball game last night (we lost.... AGAIN) and when I got home I realized that I had forgot my expensive Patagonia jacket at the gym.

This is not an uncommon thing for me as I have lost shirts, shoes, hats, socks, boxers, glasses, phone's (yes, more than one), belts, watches, a car (similiar to "dude where's my car" the movie), backpack, basketball, retainers, etc.

But this reminded me in particular of a time back in my younger years. I was just a wee forgetful one at the time playing in optimist basketball. My sweet mother had just bought me (like the same day) a fur lined denim jacket. see picture --->

Well practice was over and I ran out to the car gave mom a hug, told her I missed her and we were on our way. Once we arrived home she enquired into the whereabouts of my jacket.

Well...... by the time we got back to the gym it was closed and by the morning the jacket was gone.

That's it. No happy ending except maybe for the Janitors kid who probably had a sweet denim jacket.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Egg Sandwich & Blackberry Jam

No better breakfast has ever been created than this Wagner Family favorite. I dare.. No. I challenge anyone to come up with a more nutritious, filling, able to wrap in a paper towel and run out the door breakfast food (No Dad the Cereal in the cup doesn't count).

Toast (or english muffin)
1 Egg (preferrably microwaved to increase speed)

Secret Ingredient
Organic, 3 Hazelwood Drive picked, Cathy Wagner made, handsomely packaged, Blackberrry Jam.

Combine and Voilla!!!!!!!

Other additions can include:

  • chesse
  • bacon

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Hi Family.

-I miss you.

-Wish I was in Arizona but this is a crazy work week here in the Valley de Napa.

-Katie is definitely looking pregnant now. Not in a wow your a huge blimp of a lady type of way but more in a dang you look cute in your workout clothes with a baby belly look.

Had a nice article in the Register yesterday about my company
check it out.

Napa Kaiser Marathon is March 7th- Please come out and cheer me on. My goal is 3hours 10minutes.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Clarifications and Half Apologies

1. I am not so good at writing in proper grammer or even forming proper sentences/thoughts. I apologize for this as I never paid attention in English because it is boring boring boring. If you would like to submit corrections please email I will then not read your submission because you are boing.

2. If I make spelling mistakes feel free to correct me because spelling makes sense to me and I don't like mispelling things.

3. If you disagree with what I am saying you are probably right. That being said, I will argue with you until the I'm blue in the face.

4. This is my blog, if you don't like it I will not be offended.
5. I love you all (I can say this because the only people reading will be my family and if I find out other people are reading I will edit this post depending on whether I do or do not love those people)

6. If I ever talk about drinking it is just water, like in this picture.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Boom Boom Pow

So yesterday I was giggle(ing) about the great giggle(s) incident of 2010 when Katie yelled at me to come to the bedroom. My knee jerk reaction was to run into the room in hopes of some nookie, but it was nighttime and boom boom time is in the morning.

So Katie had me feel her belly and...... Well lo and behold I felt a kick. So I had to start a blog so that I could remember stuff like this.

Katie is now 25 weeks along. I have slept on the couch for the last 3 but only because LuLu got hit by a car and I have to keep and eye on her all night.

3 weeks until my marathon.