Friday, April 23, 2010

Anniversary and Golf Fun Day

So Katie and I have now been married for 4 years!!

The last 4 years have been filled with joy and excitement and also pain and sorrow. A lot has happened in our little world but one thing has stayed the same; our undying, neverending, pure love..........

of the Giants. Oh wait...

I mean undying, neverending pure love for each other.


Ok, enough of this sappy crap.

Yesterday we had an amazing 3 generations playing golf together. Dad, Zach, Grandpa and I.
A few of the highlights in order of awesomeness.

1. Watching Grandpa chase the ducks (and I don't mean some little half trot chase, he was full on running).

2. Getting to hang out with everyone especially Z-Wag since he is leaving soon :-(

3. Zach and I straight whipping Grandpa and Dad

4. Dad trying to hit the ball like Billy Madison

5. Enjoying a beautiful morning in the Napa Valley

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pound Puppy

A few weeks ago we were going through Katie's old stuffed animals and ended up donating almost all of them. I did end up keeping one of them though. It brought back a lot of memories of our times on 310 Greenway drive (372-7271).

I don't know if Britti remembers this. I forget what birthday it was. What I do remember is Ashley and I saved and worked for weeks on end to buy Britti a pound puppy stuffed animal that she had been wanting.

Mom and Dad weren't exactly the moneybags they are now, :-) as dad was still or just finishing his residency and with 4 kids, I'm sure money was more than tight. But they knew how much Ashley and I wanted to get this present for Britti so they found a way to buy it. I'm sure it was way overpriced and they could have bought a $1 non-brand name stuffed dog at the local thrift store, but they didn't and I thank them for that.

I remember the day we brought it home in its nice fancy cardboard package and how excited we were to wrap it up and give it to Brittani. The look on her face when she got it is still in my head and I hope by bringing this great memory up it can bring a little smile to the whole Wagner family. Although she had hundreds of stuffed animals in her hayday this one always was my favorite.

It's funny how the little things can stick with you and I hope to make memories like this in the near future for my children.


Friday, April 2, 2010

Kung Fu Panda & Baby

I bet you didn't know that a baby kicks while they are in utero.

Well this little known fact has become apparent to me over the last few weeks as our little bundle of joy (well this really is yet to be determined if it is a bundle of joy) has been karate chopping and judo kicking Katie's ribs. It can be unnerving sometimes when your wife's belly looks like an alien is crawling around trying to find a way out.
But i digress (I just wanted to write that, don't really know what i'm going to say next).

Another reason for this post is to celebrate the start of baseball season. The Giants will be better than last year and well I hope they can make the playoffs. As long as they finish with a better record than the dodgers I will be happy. When all the baby planning was going on I made sure the schedule the birth during baseball season. That way I can watch baseball all day long during my maternity leave.

So after my blogging break......

I'm back with a furry insane like Jim Carey (say it like curry) dropping beats like Dre but 15 years ago in his hayday. Baby in 9 weeks, Devyn used to have chubby cheeks, eating more than I should, drinking on my porch in the hood, selling wine for a job but marrying rymes on my blog.