Sunday, June 6, 2010

Baby Dean

I apologize for not posting for a while but things got a little crazy here at the Wagner house. Here is the recap/rundown/ESPN highlight of the birthing process.

Sunday 9am: Go to hospital for some mesoprostil (sic) to help ripen the cervix (made me think of a pear in the fruit basket)

Monday 9am: Still in the hospital even though the doctor assured us the week before that the ripening of the cervix would not induce labor (what do doctors know anyway).

By this time Katie has had an estimated 180 contractions and she was at 3cm's. At this rate she would be ready to push around 11am on June 1st. This would not work as Dad consulted the doctor that it was imperative that the baby be born on the 31st.

Monday 8pm: 5cm's yippee. Half-way. Wait. Half-way and we have been in the hospitaly for 36 hours. Dad again and this time firmly reminds the doctor that the due date must be the 31st.

Monday 9:45pm: We are rushed to the operating room as Dad stands by tapping his watch (just joking with you dad). I have to sit outside the O.R. for Katie to be prepped as my family peeks in the windows like I was a sideshow (just joking, love you family)

10:14pm May 31st: Dean Michael Wagner exits the belly and enters into the world. All is well.
Dr. Henry finished the last staples pulls off his gloves all in one motion while yelling done. The nurse stops the stopwatch and reads out the time. Dr. Henry mutters something like 14 seconds faster and I would've beat Dr. Wagner's time. All is well.

So I am proud to announce that I am the new owner of a beautiful baby boy. Dean Michael (or as some call him D-Money) Wagner.

My next post will be a tear jerker as I love this little crying, wetting, screaming, pooping baby more than anything in the world and have to share a little of what i'm feeling right now. Until we post again.