Thursday, December 2, 2010

hA hA -- Blogging is Lame

Or maybe I am just lame. I go through these stages in my work/personal life where certain things become impossible to do. It could be calling back a certain annoying client or fixing the switch for the trash compactor (which I will say is a story in itself but a word of warning at 2661 main st. the trash compactor has its own breaker and even if all the lights in the house are out it is still powered and can shock the heck out of you). So I guess for some reason writing a blog became my evil nemisis as Red Skull is to __________ (Rich should know this). So I believe it has been 3 months since my last post so I will recap a few milestones.

-Dean 4 months
-Dean 5 months
-Dean 6 months
-Katie 30
-Giants won the World Series

I have been pretty busy of late. Work is rockin and Dean is still needing to be watched. So at the moment I go to work at 4:30 (anti meridian) and pick up Dean around 3 from whomever is watching the little one (usually Ron (THANKS!)). One day a week he gets dropped off at work with me around 10 and I get to watch him while working. This has become quite a task and as much as I love the little bugger (and everyone loves the pictures of him) I am looking forward to the day this does not happen. People do crack-up when they come to taste me on wines and I have a little one in tow in the baby bjorn. But trying to talk on the phone, answer an employee's question, send and email, all while fixing a bottle and changing a diaper of a crying baby can increase the stress level by a notch or two.

I have hundreds of pictures at home but I am at work so my next blog will include a bunch.

Hopefully I will overcome my nemisis blogspot like ______ did Soloman Grundy (Rich?).

Love you All.
CCW the 2nd


  1. You are an awesome Daddy, Cory, and a pretty terrific son. It is so sweet watching you and Katie work at being the parents of my sweet little grandson. It is an adventure, to say the least!! Happy trails, I am glad to be on the ride!

  2. I missed most of those milestones you listed! WAAAHH. I like when you are on the blog bandwagon, but it is tough. I only manage to update mine monthly (if I am lucky) and I don't even have an interesting subject to share. Maybe I need to get a puppy to lure in readers...I just can't compete with Dean.
    See you guys in 16 days! lots of love.