Tuesday, March 30, 2010

9 More Weeks

Wow. How time flies. I promise I will write more this week!!!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

11 weeks left

We are at 29 weeks and counting for the little Wagner. I'm so so very very excited. I am honestly not nervous, just ready to meet the little one. Katie is doing great and working like crazy (she even pulled weeds all day today). I know she is going to be an amazing mother.

An interesting thing happened to me yesterday. Check out the Play by Play:

1. Parked at wine collectors house to inspect cellar.
2. Get out of car, walk to front door.
3. See dog. Lean over to pet dog.
4. Dog tries to eat hand but reactions are quick. Hand Saved..
5. Dog goes after leg. Leg reaction not as fast. Dog attaches to thigh.
6. Owner runs outside and pulls dog off leg.
7 Forced to look at wound with owner and wife (Find myself with pants around ankle's in living room of never met before wine collector.
8. Decide that a doctore would be more qualified in this matter.
9. Go downstairs and look at cellar to make sure storage conditions are right.
10. Cellar is 52 degrees with high humidity, all is well.
11. Go to doctors.

So it was a rather exciting day. The owner of the dog (a German Shepard) is a extremely weathly person and I am positive he is freaked out that I am going to sue him.

Well I'm not going to, but I would like a new pair of pants.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Marathon Do-Over

So... A few days have passed since my debacle of a marathon. I was so upset at my results I didn't want to even get out of bed, but alas I had to. In my head I pictured a Bruce Jenner-esque performance but it really was more like Gail Devers.

I'm not posting this so that everyone can comment on how great it was that I finished. If you feel the need to do that.. Don't. I could have run a 3:56 marathon without even training so it was a big disappointment.

Here is the great thing about life though and why I'm posting at all on this subject:

You always can try again. Life is all about do-over's.

So if there is anything in your life you want to try.. Go for it.

So maybe you fail. It sucks but what if you succeed. That is even better.

Enough of my rambling already!!!! 6 more weeks until my next marathon.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Telluride (aka The Mitch Morgan)

<--- A view from the house

So last weekend I was "working" in Telluride Colorado staying at a 12,000 square foot house (think twice the size and Mom and Dad's). Needless to say it was a horrible experience. We snowboarded, ate, drank, sang songs, told stories and celebrated a good friend and clients 30th birthday.

You might think that this sounds like fun but it really was just awful. Almost every waking minute was spent thinking of reasons to call my sweet wife and see how she was doing. In fact I missed her so much I called her at 1am just to see how she was sleeping (she really appreciated that).

Living Room of House

I am glad to be back now in the comfort of my own home (1/10 the size). It was such a pain trying to remember to cover the hot tub, turn off the sauna, figure out how to use the movie theatre, take off my snowboard before going back inside the house, pick a song out of 200,000 selections, trying to remember how to get to the kitchen, having to call your driver when you wanted to go somewhere, etc, etc, etc.

Oh yeah and this is a picture of a drink I had at a fine dining establishment in TRide. It is called the Mitch Morgan. It consists of a bacon fat dipped, water filled shot glass with a side of bacon. I had everything ready to bring over for Mom's Birthday yesterday but realized at the last second that I didn't have any bacon! oh well.

<--- Colorado isn't known for its clean water as you can see by this picture.